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Zainab online Quran learning institute is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious academies which offers Quran online reading classes to people all over the world. In the meanwhile, we are here to teach the Quran to you and your child. So that they can easily understand Allah’s message. This is the Best online Quran reading institute in the field of education system compared to others. Finally, If you want to succeed in your whole life then it is very important to recite Quran by heart and word by word. Hence, Our teachers are well-trained and experienced in teaching the Quran to you and your child. Thus, Your children will benefit from both male and female teachers.

We are Online Quran Academy

Quran academies in Pakistan. It is the online Quran learning platform for those who want to learn Quran online.
Moreover, online Quran learning is important for Muslims because it is the last holy book of Allah Almighty which he revealed on the last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W
Our goal is to reach out to every Muslim with the message of Allah. So that they understand what ALLAH is requesting in real life. Hence. We, as a Quran online Academy, are not interested in profiting from this. Furthermore, we believe that teaching Quran to people who are illiterate is more reliable for all of the teachers in this organization.

Quran is the direct word of Allah to the Muslims, However, Allah sends this book to the whole people so that they can learn the book and implement it in our life.

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Similarly, If you have any question call us now, so for any detail regarding Quran translation and tafseer contact us.

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Courses we offers for learning

Additionally, Following are some important courses which we are offering in our online Quran learning institute.

Online Quran Learning

Quran Memorization

Quran memorization is the most important and most difficult course in Quran learning because during Quran memorization you can learn Quran by heart. So, It is difficult because not everyone learns Quran by heart. By the way, In our online Quran learning institute, we are offering this course so that kids who are capable can memorize the Quran word by word.

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Quran reading

Quran with Tajweed

If you are learning the online Quran, you will follow the proper tajweed rules, which teach you how to pronounce the letter properly. In the meanwhile, Tajweed is the Quran’s grammar, and if you are reading and learning the Quran online, you can use Tajweed rules to do so.

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online quran tafseer

Quran with Tafseer

Quran Tafseer is also the course we are offering in our online Quran learning institute. Finally, In this course, you can learn the detailed review of every ayat and history of the Quran why the verses of the Quran were revealed at a particular time.

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Six Kalmas

The Six Kalmas are six Islamic phrases commonly recited by Muslims. Therefore, they are also known as the Six Traditions or the Six Phrases. Moreover, the phrases are based on hadiths in part. However, All madrasas in Muslim countries teach recitation of the Six Kalmas

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Learning Offer for new Students

Satisfied Learning Students

Many students have benefited from your institute’s online learning. Of course, My daughter is enjoying the Quran class and is progressing well under your tutor’s guidance. As well as, her teacher makes her feel very at ease. So, I appreciate learn Quran kid’s efforts.

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Furthermore, If any queries about online learning, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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For online learning services we are available 24 hours.

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