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Consulting And Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

The purpose of a digital marketing solution is to understand the strategic issues of a business and determine activities. Truly, this complex role in online marketing solutions combines business analyst tasks with technological and sales responsibilities.

Marketing Strategy and Consulting

We help to advise a online marketing solutions strategy for your business that is right for your business and right for its market. Surely, each business has a unique story and we make sure that it gets told the right way to the right people. Running digital marketing solutions campaigns without prior market research and necessary consultation is just like looking for customers blind-folded, hoping you will bump into one and turn it into a deal.

Resources for Startups

We offer valuable resources for startups to help transform their ideas
into a profitable business. We have run digital marketing solution campaigns for save much which helped get their business off the ground resulting in
customer base growth. This is a attention between investors and venture capitalists who now back save much.

Digital Solutions

Have a unique business problem that is costing you a lot of money but does not seem to have an available solution?

Esygma’s consulting and technical teams collaborate to create an intelligent solution to your business problems. For example, amid Covid-19 people want to avoid exchanging cash and menus at restaurants. Our clients in the restaurant business were furious with this problem since it was preventing customers from coming to their restaurants even after the restaurants had opened up.

To solve this problem our team created an interesting solution. Our technical team created printed QR codes that were placed on the tables at restaurants which when the customers scanned using their phones, took them to the menu and payment interfaces for the restaurant on their phones. This led to contact-less service at the restaurants and solved the problem.

Similarly, if you have a unique business problem and are seeking a digital solution to it that might be new to the market. Let us know. We enjoy solving problems.